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Boat Neck Embroidered Blouse

One can either have a Boat shape Neck for the back neck or the front part, however the boat shape neck can be of different variations. Boat neck blouse designs are becoming increasingly popular these days. Boat neck blouses can be styled in many ways to add charm to your saree. One can team up a simple or a party-wear saree with a boat neck blouse. They make you look really elegant and the best thing about them is that anyone can wear them, irrespective of their age and body type!Boat Neck Embroidered Blouse
Blouse details:
Blouses for women who wants to look elegant yet exclusive in green color.
The blouse is a classic and balances out the heavy but not-so-heavy embroidered work in it.
This silk green blouse features a simple closed neckline and even simpler sleeves that come up to mid-biceps. These are getting much popularity due to their design.
Other than green color we also have combinations of other basic colors with gold embroidery in it.
Also available in all size varying from small to 5XL.

Dotted Silk Blouse

A blouse neck plays a huge part in making you look fantastic. A simple neck like this doesn’t fail to look attractive and is comfortable around the neck at the same time. Nowadays, people tend to choose a blouse that is more comfortable and less shiny or glittery according to the occasion and this blouse is an exact example for that.Dotted silk blouseDetails of blouse:
Laced with a beautiful golden border around the neck and sleeves, it has bicep sleeves which brings a decency to the blouse.
Made of soft silk and it has detailed golden work all over the blouse so it can be styled and contrast with and golden work saree or lehenga.
Comes in all sizes from small to 5XL and basic colors to go with all matching colors of your outfit. 

 Embroidered-Sequence Blouse

If choosing the smart one is your style, you simply can’t go wrong with is boat neck blouse design. Solid or prints, pair this blouse with the saree of your choice and take their breath away. A hugely flattering style for most body types. Go basic and choose to show off that gorgeous neckline of yours in the sweetheart neck blouse design. The boat neck of your blouse can be made up of an elegant work and this gives it a really regal look. The rest of the blouse can be plain or have very little embroidery.Embroidered-Sequence BlouseBlouse details:
The blouse has subdued fine gold work spreaded throughout the blouse, so this embroidery makes it the best part of the blouse.
Containing a short sleeves it brings a nominal amount of coverage of shoulder that can look elegant with a saree.
Available in all sizes to fit you well from small to 5XL.
Including the hot red in the picture it is also available in different attractive colors for you to match with.

 Raw Sweet Heart Blouse

Sweetheart Neck Saree Blouse Design Is a very fashionable fanbase right now with influencers across the globe and it is One of the unmistakably feminine neck shapes, the sweetheart neckline is reminiscent of a heart shape. A sweet heart neck design emphasizes the neck and the chest part wonderfully and adds a feminine touch to the entire outfit. Pair such a blouse with a neutral-colored saree and tie your hair up in a braid to show off the beautiful design.Raw sweet heart blouseDetails of blouse:
The blouse is laced with decent golden colored lace which goes all around the neck and the waist as well with border in the sleeves.
With the sassy-pink color shown in the blouse it also comes with numerous basic colors.
Women of all sizes (from small to 5XL) can explore a range of sweet heart-shaped neck blouses and pair them with their favorite saree or lehenga.
You can flaunt not only your neck area but also a considerable portion of your back. The neckline is so made that it also shows a bit of your cleavage. So, if you want to go bold, you can definitely try out this style. To get the maximum effect, pair it with a heavy necklace.

Brocade Soft Silk Blouse

Trust us. You won’t regret your decision to purchase a well-fitted and stylish U-necked blouse like this. If you have some plain solid color lehenga or saree that needs a pretty busy blouse then stop worrying we are here to present a classic designer blouse for you that has exact amount of trend print you want in your blouse . These days people tend to choose contrasting colors and patterns for their outfits and a contrasting like this? You cannot miss it!!Brocade Soft Silk BlouseDetails of blouse:
The blouse is made of brocade soft silk and a fabric that will make you feel very comfortable wearing it.
The shine and shades of the blouse is the interesting part because a shade like this will go to fancy occasion as well as casual events like parties as well as festivals like Navratri.
Additionally, it has fine golden lace around the neckline as well as sleeves which gives a classy finishing to the blouse in perfect way.

Go-to Round Neck Blouse

Everyone knows that wearing the right blouse can enhance the appeal of your ethnic outfit manifolds. Generally when you want to wear something heavy as well as simple simultaneously you try to find something in a plain solid color and sometimes this plain color itself brings a level of work in the attire. We introduce you to that kind of blouse for people who want something simple while amazing fabric.

Go-to Round Neck Blouse
Blouse details:
Given the decency of the blouse it is made of raw silk that gives an aesthetic feels to the choice of your color.
It is also beautifully laced with golden border that is placed around the attractive neckline, sleeves and waistline.
Going with the theme it has short sleeves that end in the beginning of your bicep.
Including the bold black color we also have different sets of basic solid colors to make your attire more gorgeous.
Worried about your size? Don’t worry we have all sizes available from small to 5XL.

Organza Polka Dot Blouse

Sensual and fabulous, isn’t it?
Is it actually inspired by western bridal gowns? Yes it is, it has slowly but steadily made its way to ethnic Indian bridal wear as well. If it’s time to make a casual attire, you can choose a gorgeous boat neckline blouse for yourself. The whole attractive look of this organza blouse is hided in its full sleeves, the puffy sleeves brings a western look in your ethnic attire.Organza Polka Dot Blouse
Details of this blouse:
This blouse is made of beautiful organza material with very fine print of white dots all over the blouse. Due to the material used brings a casual look in your saree or casual lehenga.
With boat neck it has full sleeves and covered back and including very gorgeous shade of pink it is also available in other basic colors.
Available in all sizes varying from small to 5XL.

Classy Princess Cut Blouse

Another detailing that we catch everyone’s eyes as you go out wearing it is this unique princess cut blouse. This neckline compliments most body types. A U- neck blouse design gives women a charming look that’s hard to resist. This blend of traditional & modern don’t Preach have us going crazy over it.Classy Princess Cut Blouse
Blouse details:
This sleeveless blouse is made of south soft silk with decent work in it that is not too fancy not too simple but perfect ethnic and aesthetic look all together.
It has attractive squared- U neck shape and piping along the neck.
Starting from the most trendy golden color it is also available in different yet basic colors.
Also available in several sizes from small to 5XL.

Spaghetti-Strapped Blouse

Are you living in hot climate areas and looking to wear something suitable for such weather! Less is more, strappy blouse set to become your go-to saree or lehenga accent. The spaghetti top has gained the attraction of the women section in just a short time span.

A spaghetti strap (also called noodle strap) is a very thin shoulder strap used to support clothing, while providing minimal shoulder straps over otherwise bare shoulders. Spaghetti tops are getting much popularity due to their design. They are designed so that they give a suitable look and most comfortable at the same time.
Spaghetti-Strapped Blouse
Details of blouse:
Deep V neck shaped has already said enough in the picture yet its work goes beyond to impress us by having simple but still elegant embroidery work in it which makes it more attractive.
Made with raw silk and classic combination of different nude and pastel colors excluding gold and off-white.
Given with simple straps, it has normal yet perfect back. Overall style of blouse goes with both light or dark color sarees and lehenga.
Available in both padded and non-padded style and in all sizes starting from small to double large (XXL) to 5XL.

Pinch of Ethnic Style Blouse

Looking for an option to complete the traditional saree look that you have been planning for a long time? Here’s your answer.

Opt for them in traditional or funky prints or even in solids. A U-neck blouse design gives women a charming look that’s hard to resist. Everyone knows that wearing the right blouse can enhance the appeal of your ethnic outfit manifolds. They are a welcome change to break the monotony of the boring stereotyped blouse designs.
Pinch of Ethnic Style Blouse
Blouse details:
The blouse has a trendy print that doesn’t have any poppy work in it which makes this blouse more ethnic.
A typical Indian print brings a spoonful of traditional taste in the blouse.
Not too deep not too high a squared/U neck like this has a piping around the neck.
A blouse that is both traditional and western print doesn’t need a sleeves to make it more perfect and hence a sleeveless style.
Not only it is available in maroon color but also in variety of different basic colors.
You can get your own size today in all from small to 5XL.

Solid Shimmery Blouse

Do short sleeve blouse attract you the most! Here are a new revolutionary blouse design getting keenly popular among the women, especially the teens of the colleges and working women. A blouse enveloped with shimmer is the one to own for adding to your glam this evening. A Shimmer Blouse with a solid or ombre plain saree or even with a shimmer saree makes you look your glamorous best.Solid Shimmery Blouse
Blouse details:
The fabric of these blouse is brocket shimmery soft silk that gives a uniqueness to the blouse including front buttons.
Very trendy design of this blouse includes a princess cut which gives a fine shape to your body.
Made of shimmery fabric presenting a shiny look to your outfit, it has elegant short sleeves.
This particular design of blouse goes to typical south Indian style which you can wear with any south Indian saree.
Available in all sizes from small to 5XL and in various fashionable colors.


Sassy Deep Neck Blouse

Blouse patterns with a scoop neck are often damp and are worn by almost all women. The gratitude of the U-neck blouse pattern fits all designs of the saree blouse. A unique and always popular scoop fits every lady. The slim-cut ladies of the plus size women can look beautiful and attractive with the scoop blouse stitch. There are wide U-neck patterns for deep U-neck to high U-neck blouse designs, which are mostly seen as a variant of U-neck blouses.

Sassy Deep Neck Blouse
Details of this blouse:
Apart from classy U neck in the blouse, it has decent silver details all over the blouse which makes it go with plain solid color or printed lehenga as well as sarees.
And the obvious classic combination of sleeveless and U neck pattern will never let you down and will always make your attire more than perfect.
Wait there is more to it!! Not only it is available in deep maroon color but in variety series of colors that you can mix and match with.
Additionally, it is available in all sizes starting from small to extra extra large (XXL) to 5XL.


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